Rack Safety Inspection


Rack Safety (SEA Pte Ltd) provides structured and effective racking inspection services to clients ranging from small independent business to leading multi-site organizations. We aim to deliver unbiased, fully documented racking inspections and reporting. We help companies and organizations reduce risks associated with pallet racking and provide safe workspace and compliance in accordance to safety standards.

Rack Safety (SEA Pte Ltd) offers Racking Inspections by SEMA Approved Inspector to help you comply with the HSE legislations and ensure safety within your workplace.

Our Racking Inspections are carried out by qualified experienced experts and includes:

  • Inspection will be done with minimal disruption to daily operations
  • Coordination with your Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS) for immediate issues
  • Full Assessment of the infrastructure
  • Documentation of Defects and Damages including photographic evidence and detailed report
  • Recommendations on how to prevent further damage
  • Completion Certificate
  • SEMA Inspection Certificate – valid for one year

What is SEMA and why is it important?

SEMA is the British Trade Association of the Storage Equipment Industry. An organization committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members.

SEMA Approved Inspectors are all well trained and qualified to a high industry standards in all aspects of maintenance and safety storage equipment – including pallet racking.

Rack Safety (SEA Pte Ltd) adheres to SEMA standards because we value the professional development of our staff and the quality of service we deliver to clients.

What is the difference between a Person Responsible for Racking Safety ‘PRRS’ and a ‘Technically competent’ person’?

To comply with the guidelines, the HSE require regular in-house inspections to be carried out by the employer and an annual expert inspection by a “Technically Competent” person. The responsibilities for each inspection are as follows:

End user Inspection– Is a weekly or monthly observation by an ‘in-house’ Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS). A PRRS should have completed a SEMA rack awareness course.

Expert Inspection– To be carried out by a qualified SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI), recognized as ‘Technically Competent’ by the HSE at intervals of no more than 12 months.

Why can’t my own staff inspect the racking?

In order for your company to comply with legislation, you will need to nominate a person to attend a SEMA rack awareness course.

How often do I need an inspection?

SEMA recommends an annual or bi–annual inspection by a technically competent person. The frequency of this third party inspection will depend upon a number of factors including the type of operation and storage equipment used.

However, it is recommended that the user operate daily or weekly surveys, instigating a reporting system to monitor accidents and damage. This also identifies minor repairs that can be carried out by you, i.e. tightening of floor fixings which, over time, may become loose.