Rack Safety Awareness Training

Rack Safety Awareness Training

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Quick Overview

A Typical Full-Day Agenda


A Typical Full-Day Agenda

Maximum Participants per Session : 6 persons

Location : To be Provided / alternative training location can be arrange (cost to be passed to Client )

Objectives of the seminar

  • Identification and understanding the key components of pallet racking
  • Recognizing  damage improving confidence, to know what we are doing and why appreciating degrees of damage using Green, Amber and Red alert levels
  • Damage Reporting Procedure
  • What to do, when and how

The importance of signage

  • Load notices and information

Damage Prevention

  • How to improve operating practices and ‘house­ keeping’ to minimize damage to racking

Any Questions? Questions and answers session

  • How many can attend and How long does it last?
  • The seminar is suitable for a maximum of eight delegates and is designed to be of one-day duration.
  • However, shorter, condensed sessions and refresher courses can be arranged to suit customer requirements.
  • How is it presented? The style of presentation is relaxed and is mostly ‘non­ technical’ theory, making
  • Extensive use of visual aids and hand-outs.
  • What facilities are needed? The host organization will need to make available a suitable training or meeting room (with power sockets).
  • It is also always helpful if there is ready access to the pallet racking on site so that practical ‘hands­ on’ instruction may be given.

Rack Safety (SEA) Pte Ltd

Rack Safety (SEA) Pte Ltd provides a swift and cost-effective Annual Rack Safety inspection report for your Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems (APRS) within the statutory safety requirements for you within the framework of safety requirements. As the picture shows the APRS is evidently as safety hazard and should be in our Risk Assessments if APRS is being used

Our Inspectors
Rack Safety (SEA) Pte Ltd provides Annual Rack Safety Inspection by SEMA Certified rack safety inspector as well as Qualified and Competent safety inspectors. Conducts Rack Safety Awareness training for warehouse operators. We have a comprehensive range of rack related products and services to improve the safety of the warehouse facility Contact: Rack Safety (SEA) Pte Ltd – Christopher Mok (93822481)

Three types of inspection:

  1. Immediate reporting of damage and defects
  2. Visual inspections at regular intervals
  3. Expert inspections carried out at regular intervals by a competent person

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) UK clearly and explicitly defines the responsibilities that the user of the APRS (Adjustable Pallet Racking System). As the structures of APRS (Adjustable Pallet Racking System) is not only an issue in terms of their design, large extent influenced by the conditions of use and the regular maintenance, these aspects are also described in detail in the standard. A regular inspection is clearly the responsibility of the user.

In addition to imposing standards on how storage systems must be designed and calculated by manufacturers, most operators are unaware of the hidden dangers. With regular and proper checking of the APRS (Adjustable Pallet Racking System) is a must. However small defects, which are not detected / repaired in good time, shall result in higher costs later, or serious accidents if mitigating factors is not carried out .

Inspections should be carried out at a minimum of 6-12 month intervals.
The annual rack safety inspections are carried out during ongoing operations using visual inspections and provide you with a written audit report. The report will include the details of any rectification work required and the priority of the work to be undertaken. Systematic inspections increase safety and generate potential savings.

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